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1st January 2011

For anyone with a website about boat repairs, boat maintenance or perhaps even selling boat parts online, could be a great domain name to have.

It was registered in Feb 2002. Many people consider that domain age is a factor in Google ranking, so this could be useful to someone who has boat parts for sale and wants a domain name that is already established over one that they have to build from nothing.

The Boat Parts domain name is available for sale at NZ$2500 or for lease at NZ$50 per month. Please contact with any enquiries.

History has been associated with for many years (now part of and was linked to marine products sold on that website such as Watski wincher self tailers, an outdoor gas mini heater and a chemical toilet additive called “Dunny Stuff” .

Watski Wincher self tailers

Molded rubber Wincher slips over the top flange of any nontailing winch, giving you the benefits of a self-tailing winch for a lot less money. Special ribs on the underside grip the top turn, allowing the tail to peel away after drum rotation.  When winched home, the tail can be tucked into the ribbed groove between top and bottom flanges, keeping friction secure on the drum.

Dunny Stuff

A chemical toilet additive and holding tank stabiliser.

  • Simple, no mess way of re-charging your chemical toilet or holding tank
  • Effective in microbial and odour control
  • Safe for septic tanks and marine discharge
  • Non toxic to marine life
  • Catalyses breakdown of odour producing compounds in human waste
  • Is an efficient and effective bacteriostat at usage levels
  • Totally biodegradable when diluted
  • Totally acceptable to sewage plants (tested by North West Water Authority, England)
  • 100 times more effective than Quaternry Ammonium compounds commonly in use
  • Does not contain formaldehyde or its derivitives
  • Non irritant and non sensitising to skin
  • Available as powder concentrate in convenient dose size containers, sufficient for up to 25 litres
  • Suitable for Boats, Motorhomes, Caravans, Portable Toilets etc


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