Brument shipyard Vulcain V

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Brument shipyard Vulcain V Hent-Eon is a VULCAIN V, a 34 feet steel mono-hull designed by the French famous architect Gilbert Caroff. She was built by the professional shipyard Ets Brument in 1980. We renewed her between 2014 and 2016. To date the boat has been very well maintained, as we could notice during the renovation.

Vulcain V is a strongly designed and built sailing vessel. Regarding her seize and her steel construction, she is a fast vessel. Her 1.80m draft allows good performance when sailing close-hauled. She behave extremely well at sea and she is pleasant to sail even in rough conditions. The central cockpit make the VULCAIN V safe in rough seas.

She is a sloop which can easily be turned into a coaster thanks to removable babystay and running backstay. Tacking is easy under the sloop configuration. The coaster configuration allows increasing the sail surface while keeping the seize of sails easy to handle by a single sailor. Coaster sailing is more over very aesthetic.

The VUCLAIN V was very well designed for a single handed sailor.


Steel monohull
Rig: sloop / coaster
Hull length 34 feet (10.3m)
Overall length 38 feet (11.6m)
Width 12 feet (3,60m)
Draft 6 feet (1,80m)
Thickness of the hull 3mm
Thickness of the deck 2.5mm

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Location: Auckland

  • Year: 1984
  • Make: Brument shipyard
  • Model: Vulcain V
  • Length: 10.4 metres
  • Condition: Used
  • Construction: Steel
  • Ref # UB3319
  • Total views: 4130