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Yamaha VXR


Yamaha VXR

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Listing Specifications

Reference: UB3399

Year: new

Make: Yamaha

Model: VXR

Condition: New

Construction: Fibreglass

Listed: 24 February 2018

Views: 237

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Heavy On Power. Light On Weight.

The introduction of the VXR heralds the reincarnation of the world's fastest naturally aspirated watercraft. Less weight and more power is the High Performance philosophy behind the all-new award-winning VXR.
The incorporation of a lightweight NanoXcel version of the VX hull has been combined with the extremely powerful 1,812cc High Output engine, more commonly found in Yamaha’s larger FX series. The result is a performance musclecraft that delivers class leading acceleration of 0-50kph in 1.8 seconds*. Combine the incredible acceleration, with impressive top speeds and agile handling, and it's no wonder the VXR is in leading the normally-aspirated performance class and winning championships worldwide. The VXR delivers all this while still being an affordable package, suitable for a wide range of water sports enthusiasts.