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Maxum 2000 SRL

Maxum 2000 SRL

Luxury 6m bowrider, powerful 250 hp 4-stroke V8 Mercruiser, fun family boat.


Stabicraft 609XR

Stabicraft 609XR

2006 Stabicraft 609XR


FourWinns 225 Sundowner Limited Edition

FourWinns 225 Sundowner Limited Edition

What a beauty, 22 ft overnighter, 250 hp EFI 4-stroke Volvo Penta, ex freshwater, only 84 hrs


Haines Signature

Haines Signature

This is a very tidy family boat.


Launch Pelin-Challenger

Launch Pelin-Challenger

Equipped for Big Game Fishing


Surtees 5.5 HT

Surtees 5.5 HT

2005 Surtees 5.5m Hard Top Hull & Trailer


Phoenix Centre Console

Phoenix Centre Console

A great first boat


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Stabicraft Aluminium Boats

Fyran Aluminium Boats

Taking a Remote Break at the Antipodes Islands

antipodes islands

Visiting The Antipodes Islands is no easy feat. They rest approximately 860 km south of Stewart Island, making them the least visited islands out of the marine reserves collection. However, the variety of fauna and birds that are present there make them something of a rarity, so the trip is thoroughly enjoyable.

Seal Spotting at the Pohatu Marine Reserve

pohatu marine reserve

Pohatu Marine Reserve is challenging to reach, but once there, you are in for a marine life treat. Both seals and penguins colonise there, making it an ideal location for some of nature’s cutest creatures.

How to Tie your Boat up Safely

stainless steel cleats are best for boats

It is important for you to utilize the proper stainless steel cleats while tying up your boat so that you can be assured that the boat will be safe until the next time you head out to sea. If you need stainless steel cleats for your boat, we suggest you try Kesteloo at: www.stainlesssteelfittings.co.nz

Marine Safety – radios, flares, phones & signals

marine safety flare

There are many recognized distress signals you can use when you need assistance at sea. This video from Maritime NZ shows you what to use and how to use it.

Is an Aluminium or Fibreglass Hull the Best Boat for you?

Picture of fibreglass and aluminium boat hulls

The best type of boat hull has been argued over for many years and this article discusses the pros and cons of both fibreglass and aluminium.