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Cruise Milford Sound, New Zealand

Boats for Sale

Latest NZ Boat Listings

Marlborough Rapier 501

Marlborough Rapier 501

Great fishing/ski/family boat


Bayliner Bowrider

Bayliner Bowrider

This boat is great for family fun


sea nymph commander

sea nymph commander

great seaboat or lake cruiser


Nissan  Sunfisher 700 Hardtop

Nissan  Sunfisher 700 Hardtop

Walkaround fishing, Volvo diesel, very good in rough seas, great fishing diving boat


Ganley unique

Ganley unique

you will fall in love with her...


Bayliner  Capri 1850

Bayliner  Capri 1850

2000 18 ft, 8 seater, 190 hp 4-stroke, history of fresh water use


Plylite P15

Plylite P15

very safe craft


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Stabicraft Aluminium Boats

Fyran Aluminium Boats

Visiting Cape Rodney-Okakuri: A Marine Reserve for Everyone

cape rodney-okakuri marine reserve

Choosing a Marine Reserve to visit is sometimes difficult. Fortunately, the Cape Rodney-Okakuri Marine Reserve really does have something for everyone.

Marine Reserves that are Suitable for Children

marine reserves for children

Taking your children to the New Zealand Marine Reserves is a great opportunity to enjoy a family break in picturesque surroundings. Naturally, some reserves are more suitable for children than others.

Checking Out the Weird Wildlife at Ulva Island-TeWharawhara

weird wildlife at ulva island

Some wildlife enthusiasts prefer to make their Marine Reserve trips all about rare species. If this applies to you, Ulva Island-TeWharawhara may meet your needs.

Adhering to Conservation Rules When You Visit the Marine Reserves

Adhering to Conservation Rules of Marine Reserves

Visiting the Marine Reserves is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some of nature’s most beautiful sites. However, if you don’t pay attention to certain conservation rules, these areas won’t remain beautiful for long.

Visiting the Sugar Loaf Islands

sugar loaf islands

Very few of the Marine Reserves permit you to fish. The Sugar Loaf Islands are a refreshing exception to this rule, which broadens the water activities you can take part in there. As well as offering diving and snorkelling opportunities, there are beaches for you to explore too.