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Cruise Milford Sound, New Zealand

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Latest NZ Boat Listings

Mustang M41

Mustang M41

Low hours great family fishing launch in excellent condition


Tasman Tracker 7.7

Tasman Tracker 7.7

Nice easy to sail boat for one!


Stabicraft 589 Super cab

Stabicraft 589 Super cab

2007 Stabicraft 589 Super cab


Tige 2100V Limited

Tige 2100V Limited

Beautiful ex fresh water wakeboard ready V drive, 315 hp, Taps trim plate, ready to go.


Alicraft 4.9

Alicraft 4.9

This is a good sized, reliable, boat, which is easy to tow, launch and retrieve.


Lazercraft 6Mt Cuddy Cabin

Lazercraft 6Mt Cuddy Cabin

1992 Lazercraft 6.0 Cuddy Cabin


Quintrex 490

Quintrex 490

1993 Quintrex 4.9m Aluminium Runabout


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Which Marine Reserves Can You Fish At?

If you want to combine a fishing trip with your outing to a Marine Reserve, it is possible to do so. However, you do need to remain mindful of certain rules to avoid fines and criminal charges.

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Visiting Marine Reserve near Wellington

Taputeranga Marine Reserve

If you are in the Wellington area and want to spend a day enjoying the nearby coastline, consider heading for Taputeranga. This reserve comes with two boating ramps, as well as easy car and public transport access.