Wasps taking over your boat?

19th July 2016
spray wasp nest

If your boat has been undercover over the winter, there’s a good chance that when you come to spruce it up for the summer, there’s quite a collection of creepy crawlies on it who’ve decided to take up residence while you’ve been away. You’ll need a good inspect spray to deal with wasps nests that may be hard to get to.

Intrigue II

1st March 2016

Smith 30’ May have been a plug or test hull for the Easterly 30. Her name was changed to March Hare then back to Intrigue II. Launched 1971 Sail No 279 LOA 9.14m Beam 3.05m Draft 1.77m Register O.N. 394801 …

Which Marine Reserves Can You Fish At?

24th February 2015

If you want to combine a fishing trip with your outing to a Marine Reserve, it is possible to do so. However, you do need to remain mindful of certain rules to avoid fines and criminal charges.

Which Marine Reserves Are Best for Scuba Diving?

10th February 2015
scuba diving at marine reserves

Scuba diving is an exhilarating activity, but it becomes particularly rewarding when you visit a Marine Reserve. Knowing which ones will offer you the best experience can help you get the most out of your trip.

Which Marine Reserves Are Best for Kayaking?

27th January 2015
kayaking marine reserves

If kayaking is one of your favourite past-times, why not consider taking your vessel to a Marine Reserve? Some are easier than others for kayakers to explore, which makes learning more about them essential.

Which Are the Best Marine Reserves for Snorkelers

13th January 2015

Going beneath the waves to snorkel is a great way to make the most of the creatures at New Zealand’s Marine Reserves. While many reserves allow you to snorkel, some are better than others.

Visiting Marine Reserve near Wellington

30th December 2014
Taputeranga Marine Reserve

If you are in the Wellington area and want to spend a day enjoying the nearby coastline, consider heading for Taputeranga. This reserve comes with two boating ramps, as well as easy car and public transport access.

Visiting Northern Marine Reserves

16th December 2014

Depending on the northern Marine Reserve you head to, you may need to visit another marine reserve to take your boat there. While this may seem confusing, it is necessary to maintain the biodiversity of the island you are visiting. …

Visiting Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve

2nd December 2014
Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve

If you are looking for a varied day out with lots of water and land activities, try Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve. Whether you prefer to spend your time diving with the fish, or walking to enjoy panoramic views, there is something for you to do there.

Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve

18th November 2014
Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve

Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve is not just famous for its varied wildlife. It is the Marine Reserve that caught the DOC’s attention following years of students campaigning for its protection. Somehow, this makes a visit there extra-special.