How to resize your boat for sale photos

16th July 2011
boat for sale photo

Crop your boat for sale photo closely

There are many different ways that you can reduce the file size of your boat photos to allow faster uploads to websites. Here are some quick links.

1. Change the settings on your camera

Most cameras allow you to reduce the resolution and quality of your photos, which will greatly reduce the file size. A 640 x 480 pixel image at 72 dpi is ideal for uploading to

2. Use Windows features

Depending on which version of Windows your computer uses, you can do one of several things…
How to resize photos in Windows XP
How to resize images in Windows Vista and Windows 7

3. Email them to yourself

Windows allows you to email files from Windows Explorer. Simply click on My Documents, find the files, select the ones you want holding down the control key while you do it and right click. Select “send to” and then, “Mail recipient”. You will then be asked to select a file size. 640 x 480 is ideal and will produce small files that upload quickly.

4. Use free software

I use this software myself to resize a batch of photos at the same time. It’s fast, effective and best of all, free! Try Light Image Resizer

5. Resizing photos on an Apple Mac

Mac users probably already know how but if you don’t, try here.

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