Marine Reserves that are Suitable for Children

15th July 2014

marine reserves for childrenIf you are planning to take your children to a Marine Reserve, knowing which ones they can explore will help you plan your trip. While all of them are beautiful from an adult’s perspective, a lack of accessibility can soon leave some kids feeling bored. When you head off on your boating adventure, you need to know that the Marine Reserve you choose will leave your little ones feeling excited. Fortunately, some marine reserves for children never fail to leave children feeling delighted.

TeAngiangi Marine Reserves

As anybody who has experience living near the coast will know, rock pooling is one of the most exciting activities a child can look forward to. While the idea of turning over rocks to see what is underneath may not seem so thrilling at first, it really is captivating through the eyes of a child. TeAngiangi offers rock-pooling activities in abundance. There are multiple species there, which means this is a great opportunity to educate your kids while having fun with them.

First, there are the crayfish. Many kids are used to seeing them on dinner plates, so it is fun to observe them in their scuttling forms. Then there are the octopi, which are small and squidgy versions of the octopus-based characters little ones may see on TV. There are even chances to see multiple antipodes, and some marine birds hopping about on nearby rocks.

Although there are no Department of Conservation (Doc) camping grounds at TeAngiangi, you can find non-DoC camping areas at either end of the reserve. You may also rent Baches along the coast.

Long Bay Akura Marine Reserve

When boating at Long Bay, there are strict rules that ensure no boat goes within 50m of any swimmer. Whether you are a boater looking to stay safe or a parent keeping an eye on their kids, this is good news. Long Bay Akura provides easy access to shallow waters, with plenty of space for setting up towels and sun tents. Thanks to the serene nature of the area, you can take a picnic on nearby grassy strips, even when you don’t want to spend time on the beach. As there are lifeguards on duty, you should feel quite safe while at Long Bay.

If you have kids and a dog, you may take your four-legged friend to certain areas of the reserve. However, you may only take them before 10am and after 6.30pm. However, if you want somewhere to take a family walk while staying in the local area, these rules offer a great opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, families looking to camp at Long Bay Akura cannot do so. However, you can search for accommodation in the local area that makes accessing the Marine Reserve simpler. If you would like a city location, you can stay in Auckland.

Cape Rodney-Okakuri Marine Reserve

If you want to launch a boat to Cape Rodney-Okakuri with your family, you can do so from Leigh Harbour. Thanks to the shallow depths of the snorkelling area, you can take children there to explore the marine life. Children who are too young to snorkel can explore nearby rock pools, which feature plenty of marine life during low tides.

If you would rather have guidance while visiting Cape Rodney-Okakuri, you can take a glass bottom boat trip. These trips only run during good weather, but they offer a great chance for families with kids of all ages to see what the sea has to offer in deeper areas. Finding accommodation in the Leigh area is easy.

Choosing the right Marine Reserve for your family break is a fantastic way to create brilliant memories. When finding the right one for you, always consider the activities you want to indulge in, accessibility, and whether you would like to camp on the reserve itself.

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