Online Boating Course For New Zealand


This is a demonstration from Powerboat Training New Zealand’s next generation of boating courses, which is fully interactive and able to be completed online. If you don’t have time to sit in the classroom, this is a great way to get an internationally recognised qualification.

First, let’s look at what modules are included in the course of the first main charts and publications which help you become familiar with all the charts which we should be carried onboard, followed by a “Buoyage” and “Buoyage Recognition”. The next module on the course is “Navigation”.  After navigation, you are working your way through safety and the safety equipment that every vessel should carry and what you should have on board on your boat. And then ‘Anchoring’, and there is lot more to anchoring than people realise, which is all covered in the course followed by ‘Tides’ and tidal calculations. Also in the course, electronic navigation so you become familiar with your GPS and it’s safe operation.

Rules of the road are covered on the course, so you understand your liabilities out on the water, followed by weather, so you will be able to make those go/no-go decisions. Also on the courses is ‘Pilotage’ as you come in and out of harbours, followed by passage planning when you go further afield.

All modules are presented and animated in an interactive way, which makes learning more fun and memorable. So unlike textbooks, which are all about passive learning, your interaction with this course well really help you remember, as most people remember more by doing and becoming involved as opposed to simply reading about it. Videos are also incorporated into the modules a step-by-step guide such as and engine instruction video. This video shows a small example of the Buoyage module. Later in the section is the interactive phase which reinforces and assesses your understanding. For other module such as ‘Weather’ we use simple graphics to help demonstrate and give you a good understanding of the subject.

Each module comprises three sections. We have ‘Learn it” which gives you all the required information you need. Then the ‘Try it’ section gets you to implement your understanding and really have a go. Then finally the ‘Test it’ section reinforces your understanding. This is a proven cognitive format which is designed as the most efficient and friendly modern learning technique.

Other bonuses of doing this course is that you will be allocated a personal tutor and while you may not need them, we’re always going to be here to help and we can be contacted by phone, email or Skype.

This course has been designed by RYA in the UK. If you don’t know who the RYA are, they are a huge international boating organisation that have a growing presence in New Zealand in addition to being in existence for over 50 years in many other countries worldwide.

This means that these courses and the qualifications are recognised in many countries around the world which are the New Zealand qualifications such as the “day skipper” currently aren’t.

If you’re interested in making a booking, check out their website on

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