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packcraft dinghie

$2,200 o.n.o or swaps

packcraft dinghie

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Listing Specifications

Reference: UB2766

Year: unknown

Make: packcraft

Model: dinghie

Length: 3.7 metres / 12.1 feet

Condition: Used

Construction: Aluminium

Listed: 18 September 2015

Views: 2203

Boat comes with trailer but it needs wheel nuts replaced and tyres so you need a trailer to move it. It has a 7.5HP Johnson well looked after I am in the process of putting a new impeller in it, 1 20lite gas tank, 2 life jackets, 4 oars, 2 crayfish net pots, 2 snapper nets, 2 flounder nets, 1 piper net, 1 spare net, 5 net anchors, 3 floats, 3 anchor lines, 1 muscle float net, 1 long line just the line, bag fill of burley bags, would swap eg road bike