Surviving Easterly 30’s designed by Allen Smith

31st May 2011

This page contains a list of surviving Easterly 30’s designed by Allen Smith with photos and contact details for some of the owners. If you would like your yacht to be added to this list or need to update your details, please contact us.

How to cook scallops

31st May 2011

Scallops are incredibly easy to cook and make for a very quick, delicious meal that you can impress your friends with. Just be careful that you don’t overcook them or they will turn into something like a rubber ball.

Keep the orange roe attached to the scallop muscle. They are tasty and make the dish more colourful. I’ve never understood why so many other countries remove them!

Translate Text into Morse Code

30th May 2011

This handy tool allows you to convert normal text into morse code. Morse code was in common use at sea from the late 1800’s to the mid 20th Century. It was, and still is a very effective (if not very common) way to communicate on the ocean. Range can be up to 50km on a clear, dark night at sea.

Wind Speed Converter

30th May 2011

This calculator is a wind speed converter that can convert six different speed units at one time. The Beaufort unit is given for a range of wind velocities, which are measured at an altitude of 10 m above plain ground in open surroundings.

Velocity Equivalents

30th May 2011

Scientific Calculator

30th May 2011

Minutes & Seconds to Decimal convertor for navigation and GPS

30th May 2011

Convertor from minutes & seconds to decimal and vice versa. Great for Navigation and GPS.  

Terms of use for

30th May 2011

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Claude Allen Smith (1934-2008)

22nd April 2011

Allen Claude Smith, designer of the Easterly 30, Pacific 38 and many other yachts passed away in September 2008. domain name for sale

1st January 2011

For anyone with a website about boat repairs, boat maintenance or perhaps even selling boat parts online, could be a great domain name to have.