Visiting Cape Rodney-Okakuri: A Marine Reserve for Everyone

29th July 2014
cape rodney-okakuri marine reserve

Choosing a Marine Reserve to visit is sometimes difficult. Fortunately, the Cape Rodney-Okakuri Marine Reserve really does have something for everyone.

Marine Reserves that are Suitable for Children

15th July 2014
marine reserves for children

Taking your children to the New Zealand Marine Reserves is a great opportunity to enjoy a family break in picturesque surroundings. Naturally, some reserves are more suitable for children than others.

Checking Out the Weird Wildlife at Ulva Island-TeWharawhara

1st July 2014
weird wildlife at ulva island

Some wildlife enthusiasts prefer to make their Marine Reserve trips all about rare species. If this applies to you, Ulva Island-TeWharawhara may meet your needs.

Adhering to Conservation Rules When You Visit the Marine Reserves

17th June 2014
Adhering to Conservation Rules of Marine Reserves

Visiting the Marine Reserves is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some of nature’s most beautiful sites. However, if you don’t pay attention to certain conservation rules, these areas won’t remain beautiful for long.

Visiting the Sugar Loaf Islands

3rd June 2014
sugar loaf islands

Very few of the Marine Reserves permit you to fish. The Sugar Loaf Islands are a refreshing exception to this rule, which broadens the water activities you can take part in there. As well as offering diving and snorkelling opportunities, there are beaches for you to explore too.

Visiting the Sub-Antarctic Marine Reserves

20th May 2014
sub-antarctic marine reserves

The sub-Antarctic Marine Reserves are heavily guarded by the Department of Conservation. Eco-tourism is the name of the game for anybody visiting them. However, once there, you can enjoy rare bird species and marine life that are like nothing you will see anywhere else on this planet.

Paying a Visit to Tonga Island

6th May 2014
tonga island

Have you ever sailed to a Marine Reserve and decided you just don’t want to leave? A trip to Tonga Island means you don’t have to. Well, eventually you may need to leave, but there is camping space for a few days’ stay.

Taking a Remote Break at the Antipodes Islands

15th April 2014
antipodes islands

Visiting The Antipodes Islands is no easy feat. They rest approximately 860 km south of Stewart Island, making them the least visited islands out of the marine reserves collection. However, the variety of fauna and birds that are present there make them something of a rarity, so the trip is thoroughly enjoyable.

Seal Spotting at the Pohatu Marine Reserve

1st April 2014
pohatu marine reserve

Pohatu Marine Reserve is challenging to reach, but once there, you are in for a marine life treat. Both seals and penguins colonise there, making it an ideal location for some of nature’s cutest creatures.

How to Tie your Boat up Safely

13th August 2013
stainless steel cleats are best for boats

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