Taking the Family to TeTaupwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve

4th November 2014

If you want to make sure the Marine Reserve you visit benefits from calm waters, try TeTaupwae o Rongokako. As the tide is low most of the time, you can swim there easily with children. In addition, the beach walks make it ideal for romantic couples.

Marine Reserves formed from Volcanoes

21st October 2014

If you want to see nature at its most beautiful, visit a Marine Reserve that has volcanic origins. Thanks to their rugged nature, volcanic islands offer a unique landscape. Throw in a variety of climates, and you will witness a diverse range of marine and wildlife.

Heading to the Westhaven Estuary

7th October 2014

Estuaries are not everyone’s idea of a great day out, but Westhaven is different. As a Marine Reserve, it is ideal for relaxation fans and adrenaline junkies alike. Providing you avoid tides at appropriate times, you can easily spend a day in this area.

Getting Close to the Remote Kermadec Islands

23rd September 2014
kermadec islands marine reserve

The Kermadec Islands are fiercely protected by the Department of Conservation. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot travel there at all. With permission and an appropriate sailing plan in place, your trip will be a success.

Exploring the Reef Gardens of Parininihi Marine Reserve

9th September 2014
Parininihi Marine Reserve

The international conservation community envies the coral beds that flourish at the Parininihi Marine Reserve. As you do not need a permit to travel to this Marine Reserve, it is well worth taking your boat to for a peaceful exploration venture.

Boating Activities at Te Matuku Marine Reserve

26th August 2014
te matuku marine reserve

As a Marine Reserve, Te Matuku is ideal for boaters and kayakers alike. The waters are calm and shallow, making it an ideal location for a relaxing day or break.

Which Marine Reserves Are Easiest to Access?

12th August 2014
easy marine reserves access

Many people love the idea of visiting the Marine Reserves, but don’t always want a long and difficult journey. Fortunately, some Marine Reserves are very easy to access.

Visiting Cape Rodney-Okakuri: A Marine Reserve for Everyone

29th July 2014
cape rodney-okakuri marine reserve

Choosing a Marine Reserve to visit is sometimes difficult. Fortunately, the Cape Rodney-Okakuri Marine Reserve really does have something for everyone.

Marine Reserves that are Suitable for Children

15th July 2014
marine reserves for children

Taking your children to the New Zealand Marine Reserves is a great opportunity to enjoy a family break in picturesque surroundings. Naturally, some reserves are more suitable for children than others.

Checking Out the Weird Wildlife at Ulva Island-TeWharawhara

1st July 2014
weird wildlife at ulva island

Some wildlife enthusiasts prefer to make their Marine Reserve trips all about rare species. If this applies to you, Ulva Island-TeWharawhara may meet your needs.